For Physicians

Our philosophy is simple. Pain Solutions is dedicated to helping patients find relief from their pain and regain their sense of physical and emotional well being. As a practice, we are dedicated to treating the whole patient, rather than an isolated pain problem. We employ a customized, multidisciplinary approach in which every patient receives a complete evalutation and appropriate diagnostic assessment, a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual’s needs, and a positive clinical experience with physicians, nurse practitioners, and clinical staff who are dedicated to working toward a positive outcome for every patient.

Our Network

Pain Solutions is a network of pain management practices with a common philosophy who share processes and systems that enable us as clinicians to focus on delivering high quality, comprehensive patient care.

All of our physicians are either board-certified, or board-eligible in their respective fields.

Joining Us

If your practice focuses on the treatment of patients with chronic pain, you may have an interest is working directly with us.

When you join us in the Pain Solutions network, we help you thrive in private practice.

We provide you with one fully-integrated practice management solution:

  • Electronic Medical Records designed to support best clinical practices, delivered securely to your desktop, tablet, or mobile device via the web.
  • Information systems developed and tested over ten years.
  • Complete patient billing and account management from initial appointment through final account settlement.
  • Detailed and timely financial reporting and analysis.
  • Proven pain management practice marketing programs to grow your practice.
  • Full management support.

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